I can program computers and do art. Sometimes simultaneously.

My first computer was a Dragon 32. I learned to program in BASIC and then tried assembler - eek. I played many games on it - text-based adventure games, platformers, arcade clones. I could also draw and paint. At that time there was no academic means of combining both interests, so I went to Art School instead of studying Computer Science. I also had a ZX Spectrum and and Amiga 500 (an awesome computer).

At Art School I often used photomechanical techniques and was introduced to Macintosh computers. These allowed me to create colour separations by printing CMYK halfones on to acetate from Photoshop 1. I used the Mac (IISi) for almost everything thereafter.

After completing my MA I took a job at the Art School and set up the Electronic Media Studio facility for Fine Art. 

This was 1990 - the dawn of the first 'multimedia' movement - interactive CDROMs (often Mac only). It had now become possible to use desktop computer technology creatively. I have been involved in computer-based multimedia design and production ever since.



Art, graphic design, electronic music, generative software, complexity theory, videogames, artificial intelligence (AI), cultural studies/sociology, critical theory, genetics, evolutionary theory, philosophy, mathematics.


Academic Study

86 - 90: Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. 1st Class Honours, Printmaking, distinction for dissertation (on Artificial Intelligence)

90 - 92: MA Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art



92 - 94: Director of Electronic Media Studio, Glasgow School of Art.
Initiated, installed and managed the setting-up and running of a new multimedia resource for the School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art.

94 - 96: Senior Lecturer in Multimedia, University of Plymouth.
Duties included lecturing, and the supervision of PhD students. Head of Research into Virtual Reality from 95-96.

96 - 97: Senior Interactive Media Designer, Hyperinteractive, London.
Interface designer, graphic designer and interaction programmer at a leading multimedia design agency.

02 - 05: Partner in PLANT partnership, London

06 - 09: Head of Interactive Media, ISO, Glasgow

09 - now: Creative Consultant, JEMdigital, Glasgow

97 - now: Independent multimedia designer, ezppl electronic media design