Projects: CASM/Clyde Tunnel Project

The Clyde Tunnel with lights (each light a speaker)

The Clyde Tunnel Project was an ambitious public art project initiated by artist Stephen Skrynka. 

It involved transforming the Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow into a gigantic non-linear dynamic shared audio sampler and mixer. At every Sounds appeared to move up and down the tunnel at varying speeds. Independent and discreet speakers were installed along the length of the tunnel at the lighting point. The lights were colour controlled.

Stephen collected and recorded a range of spoken and sung fragments, some interpretations of graffiti in the tunnel, others telephone conversations between Stephen and the main graffiti protagonist.

Complex custom software and hardware was designed in order to realise the project, including a custom-built '128 in and out' channel non-linear mixer. This mixer was sent audio input from a series of Akai samplers and routed the mix to the 128 speakers.

A bespoke software client was written to allow multiple online users to control the samples and mix. Users could select samples to play and sequence them to move at varying speeds.

The result was a powerful and disturbing mutating sound collage.

Photos by Adrian Ward

The rig with CASM mixer units, samplers and web server

A view of the inputs

The system mid-assembly