Projects: ezppl/Caribiner

Each 'cell' represents a single member of staff

Caribiner UK are a (now mutated) media and communications company based in London. They famously participated in the design of the interactives and media with the O2 Dome.

This was essentially an art commision, so I undertook all concept, design, programming and implementation of this large-scale video installation/dynamic data visualisation. It acted as ambient data representation, projected on the large main wall of the creative area, and allowed employees to enjoy a 'cellular view' of the flow'of people within the building complex. The display computer linked to an existing 'log-in/out' SQL database used to track employees' movements between buildings within the company.

3 separate areas are represented as varyingly-sized circle 'containers'

Detail of the animating graphic 'cells'

As the day progresses, cells move between areas representing people moving between buildings

Detail of the animated graphic cells