Projects: ezppl/Design Council

The 3D scene - a virtual representation of the real exhibition in Grand Central Station

The Design Council, UK commissioned interior design team Casson Mann to produce an installation for Grand Central Station in New York for an exhibition entitled 'Great Expectations'. Casson Mann designed an enormous fractured ribbon table structure which was used as a surface to showcase innovative UK objects of design. As part of this exhibition there was also a concurrent smaller structure on display at a large public conference in Birmingham, UK.

The design of this structure incorporated an interactive display and joystick. 2-UP (Anthony Pearson) were commissioned to produce an interactive, browsable realtime 3D version of the exhibition. ezppl worked in partnership with 2-UP to create a genuine virtual copy of the exhibition using openGL technology. Users could move around a view of the ribbon and move in to inspect objects before being delivered further information, including audio and video.

The exhibition went on win many design awards.


The table is littered with design objects

A view from above

Users moved around the table using a joystick and approached the different objects

Details of some objects

Wide view - the atmosphere of the original was captured perfectly

A view down the table from above