Projects: ezppl/RIDE

Attractor sequence prompting the user to interact

RIDE, is the name of a major exhibit in the Digitopolis Gallery in the Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum, London.

ezppl and 2-UP were commissioned to design and produce and exhibit for this new gallery. The exhibit was to showcase and explain the notion of 3D space and 3D graphics, and the story was told in the form of a first-person interactive adventure game of a virtual version of the gallery itself.

The main protagonists are an animated 3D girl (Polly) and her dog (Digidog), who find objects hidden in the gallery and release sequenced pockets of information on the core subject matter. As each 'lesson' passes, the gallery changes to reflect the findings of the previous lesson eg. after the lesson on 3D texture and light, the user is plunged back into the gallery, now in a drastically altered state: water world (partially underwater), aztec world (complete with stone carvings and gold trimmings) and discotopolis (where the gallery becomes a pulsating mix of mirrors and lights).

After completing the final lesson, the user flies around Polly and Digidog and takes 4 snapshots as they dance on top of the gallery structure! Snapshots were automatically uploaded to the Science Museum website project spaces, where visitors could log in to retrieve them.


Users can switch between 4 different worlds by pushing the button

The end sequence involves users taking virtual snapshots of Polly and Digidog dancing!