Projects: ezppl/ECOS Centre

Introduction explaining the solar panels

The ECOS Centre is a publicly-funded purpose-built learning hub for the understanding of broad scale ecological issues. It is partially self-sufficient energy-wise, using willow coppices, wind energy, solar panels and other renewable energy sources. It is based in Ballymena in Northern Ireland.

London-based interactive design team On101 commissioned ezppl to produce an interactive touchscreen exhibit used to view the current energy throughput from the windfarm. Users could either touch to see the current energy produced or touch and drag to interrogate a series of 3D interfaces in order to view the energy created by the wind farm on previous days. Users also learned about the various renewable energy methods and the scientific background of each.

The graphic design was created in partnership with Andy White at on101.


This view allows users to explore how much power the centre is generating

The main interface and feedback system

The built-in glossary of units and terms