Projects: ezppl/Innovate UK

CGP (Constrained Generative Procedure) toy

Innovate UK is a business ‘Think Tank' which is part of the large technical consultancy Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

The director of Innovate UK approached ezppl to create a distinctive ‘graphic language' for the centre, who wished to position themselves as "thought leaders" within business innovation. The Centre uses scientific theory e.g. complexity & generative / artificial life to inform their brainstorming methodology (these core ideas inform much of the design and programming work I create).

The process of re-branding initially began by applying a life algorithm to the existing logo, thus generating an evolutionary ‘step on' from the original. Graphic themes grew from these simple rules, creating a complex design system. The result is not a typically 'beautiful' design but, in a sense, an aesthetic representation of such conceptual frameworks and scientific theory.

An important ingredient to this suite of media was interactive media. Ezppl were commissioned to produce several interactive visualisation tools ('software 'toys') used to illustrate the ideas being discussed. These pieces of work were inspired by the incredible Computational Beauty of Nature by Gary William Flake (MIT).


Users adjust sliders to change parameters within the simulation

This algorithm was based on the spread of wildfire in a forest

This tool allowed pulsing patterns to emerge by changing tiny input parameters

A rosette emerges

Fibonacci number patterns

A starfish emerges

A phasing cardoid coil

An interactive termite simulation

The termites (red) move the woodchips (yellow)

The termites pickup carry and drop woodchips

Clumps and patterns emerge