Projects: ezppl/Anatomy Viewer

This project was undetaken in collaboration with Touzietyke. A client of Touzietyke (from Edinburgh University Medical School) expressed a desire to have a software tool which would assist him in the preduction of medial illustrations. His area of expertise is fractures to the shoulder. Normally he would use physical models and rotate these in space and draw these by hand. 

Touzietyke provided the 3D models for the development of such an interactive 3D model manipulator. I developed an intuitive toolset for the manipulation of the model in 3D space, with camera control. Once model pieces are placed and rotated within the scene, the camera view is set up to allow for snapshots of the scene for use in desktop publishing.

The software also features a file control system - scenes can be saved and reloaded, and a full unlimited history stepthrough (note - the footage above is of a prerelease version, missing many key interface features). The software has been written with modularity in mind - future developments may allow other groups of bones or structures to be loaded and manipulated. It is designed to work on Macintosh and Windows computers.