Projects: ISO

I have worked with Damien, Mark and Clyde at ISO for many years. Damien and I studied at the Glasgow School of Art at the same time, and have always worked closely since then, initiated through our mutual enthusiasm for DTP technology at the time. Clyde I know originally from electronic music club events and Mark also from the Art School, but when I was working there. We all go back a long way.

When ISO was formed I was working in London and became their adopted 'multimedia arm' and worked in collaboration with them to realise many large interactive projects including the ThinkTank Futures Gallery in Birmingham and the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. I also worked with them in producing animated generative graphic sequences for use in television and film. 

Almost 10 years later I moved to Glasgow from London and took a job with them as Head of Interactive Media. I now work independently and consult with ISO on a regular basis, undertaking specialist interactive media work usually for museum clients.

This part of my archive is still being generated - only part is available online at the moment. I'm aiming to have it updated asap...