Projects: ISO/Imperial War Museum/Roulette

Attractor mode

Roulette is a realtime 3D Havok physics simulation, created to allow users to spin and control a virtual roulette wheel. The piece plays out on a large touchscreen, embedded within a hole in an authentic roulette table. The result looks like a real scale roulette gambling environment.

After interaction by the user and spinning the wheel and ball (by using 'gesture' input), the ball comes to rest in a pocket (a process which completely physics-driven and non-linear), and reveals some information on 1 of 36 people who have had some influence on the character of James Bond.

Due to its immediacy and tactile nature, this is a very popular exhibit.

After touching the wheel, users spin the wheel using a sliding 'gesture' interaction

The ball bounces around and falls into a 'pit' - the associated information is wiped

Each pit holds a different character

The voiceover reads the number and then the information is released

Fleming. like Bond, was an avid roulette player

The entire simulation is run in OpenGL using the Havok physics engine