Projects: ISO/Imperial War Museum/Gadgets

Users move the trackerball to rotate a cloud of Bond 3D 'gadgets'

Gadgets is an interactive hi-tech guide to the gadgets used by Bond throughout the books and movies. The interface is a single trackerball embedded within a wooden sill structure. The image is a projection on to 'Holopro' glass, a surface which is almost totally transparent but is able to hold projected images. The result is a 'Tron-like' animated surface.

Moving rotating the trackerball rotated the scene - a 'cloud' of different animated 3D objects. The real rotation of the ball exactly matches the rotation of the 3D scene, creating a strong sense of immersion. As objects come into proximity, the animate. Selecting an object is simply a matter of setting the camera view on the same object for a few seconds - this releases supporting information and rich media elements. the entire experience is supported by appropriate tech sound effects.

Some objects have particle systems attached to look like fire or jets

A view of 'Little Nellie'

The jet wings fold down in proximity

The realtime 3D nature of the scene allowed realtime reflections and surface detail

Objects animate as they approach the camera - this attaché case opens and closes

Bringing an object to the front nearest the user reveals a pocket of information

Keeping the object in close proximity releases more information including a short video of the gadget in use