Projects: ISO/Mercedes/Fuel Cell

Fuels Cell is the name of an exhibit which uses a 'GestureTech' interface for control, allowing users to interact with a 3D scene by simply pointing. The core idea in this piece os the notion of the 'mega-zoom' - a 'Powers of Ten' type zoom from outer space to atomic space through the engine of a hydrogen-driven Mercedes car.

Users learn about the technology behind Hydrogen engines as they point and hold on objects within the scene. The use of the Victorian device of a 'Pepper's Ghost' glass screen allowed the screen to disappear into the box frame - the glass was also Dayview, switchable opaque and transparent electronically. This coupled with use of computer-controlled lights allowed the hydrogen fuel object itself to appear and disappear.

In situ photos by ISO

Users control the installation by pointing a t the objects they wish to explore

The pointer follows the tip of the hand using a 'GestureTech' interface

The user interface - pointing at different areas and objects selects them

The crosshair tracks the user's fingertip

Selecting the Space Shuttle

Using the menu strip on the left zooms into and out of the animated scene

At the atomic level of the zoom

Holding the fingertip at an object triggers playback of some information