Projects: ISO/Mercedes/Accident Free

Accident-Free Driving is an exhibit which acts as a large-scale reaction game. Users must respond as quickly as possible to on-coming potential hazards as they look through the front windscreen of a car. They must quickly identify 3 types of hazard: a person a light or a sign - by touching the screen when they appear in view and within range.

Some live-action footage was shot of a journey through typical urban streets and the hazards were manually tracked in Adobe After Effects. Then we used a little-known technique of copying and pasting keyframe animation from After Effects and saving as text files. These files were parsed by the Director application allowing the game engine to be created.

In situ photos by ISO

Users interact withthe touchscreen, trying to recognise ></p> <p><img src=

The upper screen holds an animated data display

The data screen animates as the hazards approach

After completing the route the user is given a replay of their performance

The user can choose different routes and different driving conditions