Projects: Personal/ForestFringe

The set up: a projection showing a runtime version of Pong with a live video feed of the players, controlled using classic paddles The table surface was covered during the show with only the paddles and camera visibleA view of 1 part of the showPlayers stood behind the table framing their faces in the cameraThe camera was Infrared sensitive to pick up images in low lightA view over the shoulder of 2 playersThe IR camera made the players' faces look strange in the scene making them even more self-consciousPeople seemed to enjoy watching themselves play

ForestFringe is a microfestival which took place at the Arches in Glasgow in April 2010. It is an annual event and involves a collection of installation artists and performers taking over a large venue. I was invited to participate by director Andy Field at the instance at the Arches. As there was little lead-in time, I decided to rework some previous ideas, by making a variation on the Pong game used in Allotment 2.

A live video feed of a close up of the players' faces fills the play area, paralleling the paddle position. Users feedback their responses on a large scale. As the game plays out, snapshots are made and used in an attractor 'hi-score' table.