Projects: Personal/Player

Player is a 5 day festival based at the most excellent Science Museum, London, in September 2011. It was organised by Angie Bual from Trigger and involved many artists and performers. The core idea was that of 'social gaming' - works ranged from responsive light installations, to remote-control avatars, to live gaming events involving hundreds of people. More information on the project is available on the website.

I responded to the brief by designing 2 installation works: IOFPS: a real-space responsive computer environment based around Quake, and PING: a variation on the PONG work featured in Allotment 2 and in the ForestFringe microfestival. Only IOFPS was realised effectively as there were last-minute restrictive technical limitations with the PING work. 

It was a great experience and the public responded very well. The Science Museum is one of my favourite spots in the world - it was crazy weird to see thousands of people on the opening night dancing and running around with bottles of beer, leaning against a soviet rocket or sitting on a Cray supercomputer.