Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005

PLANT were commissioned by Landesign Studio to help design and produce a suite of 7 interactive installations for EXPO 2005 in Aichi in Japan. 

Each of these independent 'pods' illustrated a new technological product from the UK eg. 'Gecko' nanotape, Nike swimwear based on shark skin, an ultrasound cane used by blind people to navigate urban environments etc. Through diverse and immersive interaction methods, users were 'trickle fed' the core ideas of the different technologies. Each pod was designed around the core message of the technology being explored. They all used closed projection on to different surfaces within the confines of their own structure, creating a formal array of rich interactive experiences. The entire space was darkened giving the projections a 'jewel-like' quality.

A generative soundscape was also commissioned for the space - PLANT subcontracted this task to Adrian Ward at Signwave. He produced a piece of bespoke realtime mixing software, which created a rich mutating mix of diverse natural sound which filled the space. This sound also loosely synched to the main overhead massive projection created by Anthony Pearson in After Effects. 

This group of work was awarded D&AD 'Yellow Pencil' and Art Director's Club of New York Gold awards for Landesign and PLANT.