Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005/BatCane

BatCane was created to illustrate a new method of navigation for the blind - the use of a vibrating ultrasound 'cane'.

Users placed their hand on a disc in the centre of some concentric circles and took control of a representation of the ultrasound beam. A series of different objects move towards the users hand. As the beam is turned on them waves bounce back from the beam and return to the hand, drawing an illustration of the object that has been detected. This parallels how the product behaves in real life.

The beam buzzes as it moves - its volume increasing the more movement - creating  a strong method of feedback and user immersion. In the distance, an outline of London also scrolls to reflect the user's interaction. As users continue to engage, text explaining the core idea is revealed in sequence.

The user puts a hand into a moulded rotational sensor

Interaction fades up text which reinforces core messages

Users 'sense' objects by pointing the beam at them