Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005/Gecko

Gecko involved users manipulating a small, metal, gecko-shaped structure from left to right to move an animation. The piece was designed to illustrate a new nanofabric, based on a gecko's skin, which allowed it to stick to many surfaces. The visualisation was of a humanoid character scaling the outside of a building as the user sits inside. Every now and then snippets of the London skyline were exposed, as the camera tracked the character. Again, text tells the story of the technoology and parallels with nature.

The character was modelled and animated in Poser and rendered with a depth map, then composited within a huge After Effects composition. The result is an immersive and engaging interactive story - this exhibit was extremely popular at the exhibition.


Moving the input device cause the geckman to move

Text is revealed telling the story, as he moves across the skyline past London landmarks

The camera continually tracks the character

Changing direction

Revealing more information