Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005/PineCone

PineCone was as much of a sculpture as it was an interactive software product. A large artificial pine tree holding a series of tiny LCD screens with images of pine cones, and a single metal 'sensor' pine cone with associated fan. In the background a projection of a close up of the fabric is projected with overlaid  animated text appearing.

As users waft the metal cone, the small displays show the cones opening up. Continued interaction forces the display to reveal the finale and core messages.

This piece was created to illustrate the parallels between the natural opening mechanic of the pine cones and the ability of the fabric to 'breathe'.

The 'scales' bend upwards as the sensor is effected

The cone screens go dark bringing attention to the large animating projection behind

The animating text resolves to tell the story of the piece