Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005/SeedBank

SeedBank was undoubtedly the 'magic' piece in the show and drew large crowds of fascinated Japanese! Users were able to turn pages of a large projected book without touching anything, simply wafting their arms left to right (or opposite). This allowed them to browse the book reading the pages. Certain pages had animations which played out further exploring the core idea.

The core idea of this piece was 'preservation' - it concerned the storage and archiving of seeds, and the technologies used to preserve them.

The method of interaction is also variable - this piece has been rolled out in several high-profile venues including the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris and Christies in London, using large-scale touch membranes or touchscreens. This core framework is highly modular and can be used to display any 'book-like' media and associated animations.


Further pages contain botanical information

Moving hands across the pages causes the book to respond

A matrix of hidden infrared sensors were used to control the piece

The last spread