Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005/Shark

Shark was a very popular exhibit, perhaps due to the 'magical' invisible infrafred sensors used to control it - these allowed users to wave their arms to make the shark swim forward. Approaching the piece the user sees the shark moving but not swimming worward - interacting makes the shark swim.

The piece was designed to illustrate the use of microfibres in creating swimwear - fibres which were based on shark skin and the way it 'grips' the water one way and glides the other way. Text explaining the technologies used was revealed as users continued to interact.

The shark continued to swim as long as users interacted - sometimes for up to 10 minutes, even though users had read the text many times!

The visualisation is created in OpenGL allowing a fully non-linear experience and not merely the playback of an animation.


The silhouette of the shark swims across the ocean floor

Taking control, the user waves their arm to control the speed of the shark swimming

With continued interaction, information is revealed

The projection was upon a floor of sand

The story unfolds