Projects: PLANT/EXPO 2005/Waves

Waves is a very simple generative wave system, controlled by a bespoke rotational sensor. The piece describes how the moon controls tides and waves, and how the energy in waves can be harnessed to create more useful energy using special technologies.

The rotational sensor was in the form of a silver 'moon' which could be moved around a larger silver earth. As users did this, the waves began to move more quickly, leaving behind fragments of the story. The volume of the audio directly correlated to the speed of the waves and the amount of user activity, creating a realistic wave-like noisescape.

The unique visual look of the piece is due to the additive overlaying and complex visual echo used in post-processing the display to create very lifelike generative wave behaviour from deterministic visual effects.


Interacting by turning the moon device makes the waves move faster leaving behind text

the text fades and new text is left behind, telling the story

Users are rewarded for continued interaction by further pockets of text telling a cohesive story

The waves were created by phasing additive graphics and adding 'echo'