Projects: PLANT/Science Museum/World Energy

World Energy: You're in Charge! is an exhibit in the Energy Gallery of the Science Museum in London. It consists of a cluster of 4 units on a wooden table-like structure. Each unit has a small video camera pointing at the viewer, which is used to take a snapshot for the application.

The interactive media itself is a 'game' - users play the part of a newly-appointed Energy Minister for a small fictional country ('LectraLand'), and balance popularity with energy production. It plays like a cut-down 'Sim City' game, where there are clear consequences to actions eg. create too many coal-powered stations and the climate takes a turn for the worst, with lightning bolts destroying existing power stations. After time is up, the user is given an 'appraisal' by the Prime Minister - either keeping their job or being fired.

This is a very popular exhibit and has been installed in several international museums.


The scene is set - the minister's office

The user interacts and is given instructions

The user selects a type of power supply and a location

users can remove as well as add power supply types

The minister comments on your work

If users create too many nasty energy types the weather changes and dangerous lightning clouds appear

As the game progresses into the future new energy types become available

The game continues and the user is given a final performance ranking