Projects: PLANT/Science Museum/Energy Everywhere

Energy Everywhere is a large-scale exhibit for the Energy Gallery in the Science Museum, London. It is the result of a collaboration with Landesign Studio and takes the form of a projection within a custom display area, housing a series of sensors. Users stand upon a large illuminated floor tile to participate as an animated graphic scene, complete with a powerful sound scape, plays out before them, explaining the fundamental laws of energy.

At key moments within the animation the action stops and users are invited to 'make energy' by either acting out digging for coal, spinning their arms to make wind, or clapping their hands to create bolts of lightning. After 5 minutes of play the story ends. The result is an atmospheric, dramatic and engaging interactive story.

The video animated sequences for the piece were generated by Jess Scott-Hunter.


The attractor sequence sets the tone and prompts the user to interact

The words form different shapes to tell the story

The user approaches and the show begins

The story is told of the sun and its importance

At points users have to move their bodies to interact with the scene in order to unlock the next part of the story

Users have to 'windmill' their arms to create wind to blow the scene sideways

Users must clap hands to create lightning strikes and try to hit the tree

The story resolves and the scene retreats - the end