Projects: PLANT/National Waterfront Museum/Networks

Networks is by far the most complex piece created for the museum.

It uses proprietary network communication technologies (partly-developed by Adrian Ward at Signwave) to share a projected high-resolution animated video sequence outining the history and technology behind the transport networks in Wales. The installation has 3 touchscreen/trackball units which allow investigation and exploration of the full map as the story unfolds and key places are 'unlocked'. Visitors use matching-coloured trackballs to control coloured gobo lights overhead. As the light moves over the map, their touchscreen display acts as a 'magnifier' showing a close-up view of the chosen area of interest. Touching a hotspot on screen reveals a pocket of video information.

The main animation was created by Clyde Lawson at ISO.

 Installation schematic

Overview of the installation showing trackballs and touchscreens

Close up of the main projection with the overlaid gobo lights