Projects: PLANT/National Waterfront Museum/Landscapes


Landscapes is the title of this very elegant piece of shared interactive media. It allows the closer inspection and exploration of a massive 360 degree widescreen vista of the local area. Hotspots are defined on the image and users can control a trackball to select these. Importantly, users can interrogate hotspots scattered across the entire map (they are not restricted by their local view).

This piece uses advanced network communication techniques to allow shared control of an apparently single seamless view. Users are represented as range of Red, Green and Blue coloured bars (the colours match the colour of each trackball) - as these overlap they create additive colour effects. Once a hotpsot has been chosen, users then touch the local screen to reveal pockets of video information on the selected spot. The entire installation fills a huge wall in the upper gallery. 

In situ photos by ISO

 The installation spanned almost 10 metres

The 3 touchscreens allowed users to explore the entire area

Units are controlled using a trackball and touchscreen

Complex networking software allowed all 3 computers to 'share' the same scene