Projects: PLANT/National Waterfront Museum/Wayfinders

The interface was in the form of an interactive touchscreen 3D model of the museum

The Wayfinders form an important part of the user experience of the museum. As visitors enter the building they use these to orientate themselves within the space , as well as find out more about particular exhibits they may wish to visit.

Large-scale flat panel displays are embedded in display structures (created by Landesign Studio). The entire unit is covered in thick touch-sensitive glass. The interface for this is a realtime 3D interactive model of the building itself, containing the exhibits. By touching the screen, users can investigate specific exhibits and receive illustrated animated advice as to which route to take to get here, from where they currently are. All Wayfinders are bilingual and contain British Sign Language. Some other screens allow users to discover what events are planned in the museum that day. This 'news' system is updateable by the client using a simple administration tool.


The 8 bilingual units are embedded in glass display cases

The units enable visitors to orient themselves and navigate the museum