Projects: PLANT/Churchill Museum/Fish Pond

Fish Pond ended up being a bit of a hit with gallery visitors. It was always a memory people left with from their visit.

It  is both simple and complex. The interface is a large glass touchscreen, which is embedded in a scale model of Churchill's country retreat - a scale fish pond. Moving life-sized within the screen is a view of a the pond with animating 3D koi carp. They move freely around each other. As visitors touch the screen they create a generative ripple effect on the surface. As their finger is lifted, a Churhill quote (about his love of his fishpond) rises to the surface, wobbling in the water. Touching for a longer time 'feeds' the fish - bread crumbs fall from the point of contact into the water, like the visitor is feeding the fish.

This is a classic example of 'learning by stealth' - engage users so that they absorb the key messages.